Drake Bell Net Worth 2022? Biography, House, Cars Updated

Drake Bell a famous actor, comedian, guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and a television director from California America, carries an equal fame in the both fields of pop recording and movies and TV series. His journey from child star to musician has made him a multi-millionaire. Nowadays, this thirty years old actor and musician Drake Bell net worth is around $4 Million in the years as of the year 2022.

Life of Drake Bell:

The famous American musician, actor, comedian, guitarist, singer or songwriter was born in 1986 on June 27 in Newport Beach California. His father was a billiard player, named, Robin Dodson. He has a big family of three brothers and one elder sister whose name is Kellie.

How does Drake Make Money and become a wealthy Person?

Drake, after getting the support of his father, kick start his career from Nickelodeon in late 90’s at the age of five. The famous “The Amanda Show” opened many opportunities for him. His breakthrough in television gave him many chances to showcase himself in front of the world. Through this famous show, he was able to play a variety of roles because in this show he as a child star played multiple characters such as Kyle, Carter Klutz, Tony Panamas, and much more.  It was “The Amanda Show” that made him a star and brought the attention of the audience to him.

In the same age, he has also sung an opening of the small-screen ad. In 1996, he got the offer in films through which he was able to make an unforgettable impression on the audience as a son of sports celebrity who severely curses agent Tom Cruise in the drama of Cameron Crowe Jerry Maguire. As of the year 2022, Drake Bell Net worth is estimated $4 Million.

His career as an actor:

After the popular TV show“The Amanda Show”, he gets the opportunity of becoming the lead character, one more time, in the sitcom, Drake, and Josh. In this series, he easily captured the heart of the audience and become the king of TV series, because of his remarkable and flawless acting with another famous actor of time Josh Peck. This show boosted his fame and made him a complete star.

These two series of Nickelodeon is a starting of his career and fortune as well. Nobody knows exactly how much he earned from these two series but these are certainly an important series which helped him to build a mountain of wealth and money.

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Bell gets the next best role in the superhero comedy movie, Superhero Movie, in March 2008. This movie has become a one super hit film and has earned over $9.5 million in almost 3000 places, and achieve a third place in the box office of North America. Eventually, this movie has made above $71 million worldwide. Drake Bell, as the main character, has earned a large amount with his work, but unfortunately, the number of earning from the film has never been revealed by him or any other.  Through this movie, he also gets a Teen Choice Award.

Drake Bell as a voice actor:

Apart from the acting, he is also good at voicing the character in animated movies like Spiderman. Although he earns less from voice-overs compared to the acting he does in the series as the main character, which became the longest television project till today because of him, if we multiply that income by the five years of his acting in the show that would undoubtedly result in a large figure.

Drake Bell’s Career as a Recording Artist and Musician:

Bell’s money and wealth are not the results of acting only, in fact, much of his wealth came from his career as a musician. Along with the acting, he has a passion for music as well, he had sung many hit songs like “Found a Way” which is a theme of his second series of Nickelodeon Drake and Josh. He released his debut album in the 2005’s summer with the name of Telegraph. Though this song did not reach the chart of our music, the songwriter of this song got the approval of critics. Whereas nobody knows how many copies of this album have sold from its released, but the truth is Bell has made his name in the field of music and become a well-known singer and songwriter.

After this song, he came out a rock singer with his second album “It’s Only Time”. This music as per se reaches the music chart of United States. This was his first album which entered in the US Billboard Top 200 at eight one number, this was his first massive success as a musician in America. Over 23,000 copies of this album have been sold within the first week of its release.

Furthermore, this album was placed at number 21 in the chart of US Top Rock Albums. Due to this album, he gets the fame as a musician and become one famous singer and songwriter. This album only paved his position as an upcoming singer. In 2012, within the premises of United States more than 178,000 components have been sold, for Bell which is most probably converted to the profits in tens of thousands.

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After this great album, Bell returns in recording with a bang in the 2014’s spring with his next album Ready Steady Go! This album also made its place in Billboard Top 200 at one eighty-two number. It also reached the thirty-two place in the chart of Top Independent Album and on fifty-two on Top Rock Album.

Apart from its performance on the graphs, the sale of this album was very low as compared to his previous album “it’s only time”. Only 2,000 copies were sold in the first week of its release, which gave him a disappointment and distress, however, the album still gets the praise and appreciation from the critics. This album, according to many sources, has given him a profit of few thousands only which is considerably and significantly lower than his previous super hit studio album.

Talking about his music activities, Bell also sings an extended play, “A Reminder”, and the soundtrack for his TV series Drake and Josh. Actually, the latter gets so much name in the sitcom and has been able to give him the profit of at least 500,000 dollars in the middle of the year of 2000.

As a singer, he has also done the several concerts and embarked on many tours for the concerts, the last one took place in the February 2016.tickets of the show was sold out within minutes of available. These concerts and shows have helped him a lot and give him the opportunity to make the mountain of wealth and money, these shows helped him to make the additional profit apart from the acting and music album.

After his success as a musician his song started featuring in many TV series for many years, like Zoey 101, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner, Victorious, and ICarly. Assumable, Bell has received a fee for the usage of his music in the TV series. This thing increases his profit and gives him more wealth. The usage of his music in media play a role in the creation of a mountain of his wealth and money. His net worth is around $4 Million. What about Gucci Mane net Worth

Essential Details of Drake Bell:

Drake Bell’s ProfessionHe is a famous and popular actor, singer, songwriter, comedian, producer, guitarist, musician, and voice actor of US.
Full NameJared Drake Bell
Birth DateJune 27, 1986.
Birth PlaceNewport Beach, California, U.S.
Zodiac SignCancer
ParentsRobin Dodson and Joe Bell
SiblingsKellie Bell, Joey Bell, Robert Bell, and Travis Bell.
Marital StatusMarried
Religious BeliefChristian
Drake Bell Net Worth$4 million

Awards and Nominations of Drake Bell:

  • He was nominated in 2014 for Capital Twitter Awards for Best Feud
  • He was the Favorite TV Actor in 2008, 2009 and 2010 and won the Blimp Award
  • In the same years he won the Blimp Award for the Favorite International Character as well.
  • In 2009 he won Big Kid Award in Blimp Award
  • In 2008 he won Choice Movie Breakout Actor
  • In 2008 he won the award for the top series Drake and Josh.
  • In 2007 he won the award of best Singer
  • In 2006 and 2007 he won the award for best TV actor.
  • In 2000 he was the Best actor in TV or Movie and won the award for best performance.
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The Net Worth of Drake Bell in Different Years:

YearsNet Worth
In 2012His Net worth is $100,000
In 2013His Net worth is $200,000
In 2014His Net worth is $300,000
In 2016His Net worth is $500,000
In 2017His Net worth is $550,000
In 2018His Net worth is $600,000
In 2019His Net worth is $1 million
In 2020His Net worth is $1.5 million
In 2021 His Net worth is $2 million
In 2022 His Net worth is $4 million

Graphical representation of Drake Bell net worth:

Drake bell net worth 2022 which is about $4 million is a result of his massive hard work of Drake Bell which he has done as a singer and actor. He has a house of about $1.575 million. The monthly expenses of Drake Bell are about $18,771. A child star who came on the TV at the age of five, with the support of his father became one talented actor and singer of present times. Drake Bell is considered as a talented person because he is able to do more than one job perfectly, he has made his name in the two fields of Showbiz, and gets the fame as a singer and actor and become one famous person of United State.

He, however, doesn’t have a history in business, unlike another artist he doesn’t attempt to do any business and doesn’t venture toward commercial chance. Hence, most of his income and profit comes from his job as an actor and musician or songwriter.

House and Car Collections

Drake seems to be living a quality lifestyle. Currently, sources cite that he lives in a luxurious house in Los Angeles, California, however, did not disclose his value and other assets. In fact, the average home price in Los Angeles is $ 840,000, along with an annual insurance premium of $ 1,360.

Previously, Drake Bell owned a Spanish-style house built in 1929 in Los Feliz . He bought the property in 2007 for $ 2.05 million, with a mortgage of $ 1.5 million.

Former Los Feliz estate in Drake Bell. Later, after two months of his bankruptcy filing, the house was closed by Union Bank in June 2014 for $ 1,524,900.


Online sources say Drake owns 2 Ford Mustangs, worth $ 45,000 each.

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