JoJo Siwa Net Worth In 2022, Age, Career & Family

What is JoJo Siwa Net Worth In 2022, her Age, Career & Family?

You might know this young beautiful dancer and singer but how well do you know her?
Breakdown of what we are going to discuss about Jojo Siwa.

  • Who is Jojo Siwa
  • How old is Jojo Siwa
  • What is her Net Worth
  • Her Career and lastly
  • Her Family

JoJo Siwa Net Worth In 2022, Age, Career & Family

Jojo Siwa Occupation
  • A Dancer,
  • actress &
  • singer
  • 19 years
  • Father: Tom Siwa
  • Mother: Jessalynn Siwa
Active since
  • 2013–present
 Net Worth of JoJo Siwa in 2022, Base and Label
Net Worth
  • $20 million
Place of Birth
  • Omaha, Nebraska, US
Year Updated
  • Updated in 2022

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JoJo Siwa Net Worth In 2020
JoJo Siwa

Who is JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa is a known American singer, actress, dancer, model and also a media personality.
She has a very popular YouTube channel with very huge audience which she controls.
In the year 2003, 19th of May, JoJo Siwa was birthed in Omaha, Nebraska in the United States.
Dancing is what she is widely known for and it may surprise you to know that she started dancing when she was just two (2) years old at her mothers dancing studio.
Her fame skyrocketed when she appeared in the Lifetime reality television series Dance Moms in season 5 and 6.
Before her stardom with the Dance Moms T.V series, she had first appeared in reality TV series, a dancing competition in 2013 called Abby’s Ultimate.
Also, she is a part of the ALDC elite dance team.
She has a very huge YouTube subscribers of over 11 million and a total of 2.5 billion video views on her YouTube channel.
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Her song music video Boomerang has a over 500 million views on her YouTube and she has over 100 million views on her video for “Kid In A Candy Store.”
She is very active on YouTube and she post her videos regularly.
JoJo Siwa has line of bows being sold at Claire’s and she is known to always wear colorful bows on her hairs.
The dancer and singer bagged a deal with J.C. Penney to supply line of accessories, which includes bedroom decor to J.C. Penney department.
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JoJo Siwa Net Worth in 2022 and her Sales of Bow Tie

JoJo Net Worth in 2022 is estimated to be $20 million.
Although, most of her fans sees this as untrue and that she has a net worth way more than that after all, she has been doing well and have even reported to have sold 40 million bow ribbons.
It may be true to have sold such numbers of bow ribbons but it hasn’t been yet verified by any credible business source nor any business journal.
And even if she has sold such a number of bow ribbons, that doesn’t means she racked in hundred million of dollars from the sale as the case may be.

How JoJo Siwa makes her money

Do you want to know how JoJo Siwa makes her money? Then read below.

JoJo Siwa’s YouTube channel

Her YouTube channel is no doubt one of the medium she uses to rack in millions monthly.
With over 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, it was reported in the year 2019 that she earns over $9,600 daily from YouTube and when it was being estimated together yearly, she takes home over not less than $3.5 million.
Her YouTube channel I.D is Its Jojo Siwa. You can check her videos out if you sis.
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JoJo Siwa’s tour

Her D.R.E.A.M tour in the year 2019 was a total sold out and trust me, she made real money from that tour.
After her D.R.E.A.M tour, she made a total revenue of $27 million.
Now, that is what we call “Tall Money.”

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JoJo’s bows, merch and makeup

The singer and actress sold over 40 million bows in the year 2018 and each bow goes for $9.99 each.
When you times $9.99 to 40 million, it gives you a total amount of $399,600,000.

Jojo Siwa Music

She is talented in different areas from dancer to business to singing and trust me, she has dope songs you can’t just stop listening to.
Her songs has being streamed to the extents of her receiving RIAA Gold certified.
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As a young and hard work in girl, she has done quite well for herself.

Some of JoJo Siwa’s Songs

  • Boomerang · 2016
  • Hold the Drama · 2017
  • Kid in a Candy Store · 2017
  • D.R.E.A.M.  · 2018
  • Every Girl’s a Super Girl · 2018
  • Only Getting Better · 2018
  • Everyday Popstar · 2018
  • It’s Time to Celebrate · 2019
  • Bop! · 2019
  • My Story · 2018
  • Worldwide Party · 2019
  • #1U · 2019

Her Real Estate

JoJo Aiwa paid a huge sum of $3 million for a home located in LA a suburb of Tarzana in California, United States in February, 2022.

JoJo Siwa’s quotes

I dont really care about what they say, Imma come back like a boomerang

I have something called ‘Siwanators,’ and if you’re a Siwanator, you’re strong. You’re powerful. You stand up to the bullies. If you’re a Siwanator, you’re nice. And the way you can tell if someone is a Siwanator is if they have a JoJo bow in.

More of her quotes:

MeToo is a strong movement in Hollywood, but a lot of my fans and demographic are younger, and they don’t really understand what’s going on with it. I wanted to put something out for them, even for those who are 4 years old, that every girl is a super girl. No matter your age, your height, your weight, your color – whatever you are.

I love doing YouTube. That’s where my heart is, and so it makes me sad when I can’t put a good, fun, energetic video out, because that’s what I love to do – and that’s my passion. And that’s who I am.


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